Moving forward
making the Annual Report attractive
That time of the year again when you get the familiar brief for the Annual Report with the usual constraints on style, budget and how er, radical you are allowed to be.
Well I find it does get easier but there's always going to be the ugly bits of the process that rear their head.
As the report is laid before Parliament the print version still gets the attention it rightly deserves but as often happens the microsite is often looked on as a nice-to-have and gets much less ti me to be designed and built.
After three or four design attempts the final design was approved for build and those lovely people at Squiz got to work. Ben Walters worked his magic and produced grid based templates allowing me to add and remove boxes at will and link them to any page in the CMS.
It was a breath of fresh air to have a creative meeting with professionals that speak the same language and when words like 'modular', 'responsive'  and 'reusable were being bandied around, I thought - 'Yes! this is it!'
My initial project plan allowed 4-6 weeks for the design and development of the site, we had less than two weeks which in itself was an achievement getting this ready.
  providing content for web pages

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