Care and Compassion
Building an accessible report
Traditionally, the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman reports would be pages and pages of text which noone showed particularly interest in.
This report was different; we wanted to make an impact and reach the audience it was intended for - the elderly and those who care for them.
From the ground up it was decided that it would be an accessible website offering the report in various formats.
Careful thought was given to the imagery and the idea to use hands as the theme came from the title of the report. The image of hands is a strong one, used for support and care as well as strength and feeling.
The 'bubble' device used to contain the images became the brand for the organisation and was carried through to the print material.
For the first time PHSO used video to tell the stories creating quite an impact of 50000 pageviews on the morning of launch.
The debate which started with this report continues to resonate a year on.
Site was built using MySource Matrix CMS, an open source php based system. 
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